January 21, 2013, 3:46 pmThe Hype

US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres has something planned for her Australian fans tomorrow in Sydney, and one lucky fan could be headed to LA...


Ellen and Aussie partner Portia De Rossi are headed Down Under. Photo: Getty Images.

In a series of tweets designed to tease fans, talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres has been creating a storm in the twittersphere with her instructions to show up to the Sydney Opera House tomorrow ready for an adventure. In one of the tweets from her show's twitter account she says, "If your bags are packed and your passport is up to date, get ready to be at the Sydney Opera house tomorrow."

She also promised in a later tweet that "Tuesday's gonna be a big day for my fans in Australia. For the very first time, you're gonna have a chance to be on my show!"

And if there was any doubt she followed it up by saying, "Tomorrow's a big day, Australia. If you're near the Sydney opera house, you may wanna pack a bag and get your passport ready. Seriously."

The stream of tweets from Ellen's account causing excitement locally. Photo: Twitter/Ellen

The show's Executive Producer Andy Lassner also tweeted "To be clear. Tomorrow we will be live on @TheEllenShow from Sydney & we will pick someone to come with us on Qantas back to LA an hour later."

It was announced last week that The Ellen DeGeneres Show would be headed Down Under in March

Qantas CEO Allan Joyce said at the time of the announcement, "Ellen is a household name and her unique brand of fun and optimism is a perfect match for the relaxed Australian culture".

Looks like everyone in Sydney could well be packing their bags tonight in the hope that they could be Ellen's chosen guest!

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