February 6, 2013, 10:17 amThe Hype

And we mean really sexy.

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We will admit that somewhere along the way since her Party of Five days, Jennifer Love Hewitt stopped being cutesy and started becoming annoying. Probably somewhere around her Ghost Whisperer days of melodramatic, soppy acting and ridiculous story lines.Since then, JLH has been doing it tough in TV land as a masseuse-turned-prostitute in TV show The Client List, serving her clients "extras" to put food on the table after her husband abandoned her and her children.Apparently JLH's Client List (on cable channel Lifetime in the US) is so popular it's spawned a second season, and a sexy promo to go with it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt at the season one premiere of The Client List. Credit: Getty Images

Never one to be shy about her, ahem -- best assets, JLH shakes her money maker in a very adult song and dance routine that includes stripping and singing about being a "Woman, W-O-M-A-N..."It's a pleasant surprise to see JLH back to her best singing form (remember "Bare Naked"?) as well as busting out a few sassy moves.And if the advertising is anything to go by, it might just be worth catching a peek of the new season of "The Client List". Well, maybe.Related Video: Jimmy Kimmel present JLH with the best part of her promo poster

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  1. Steve11:46am Sunday 24th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Yes, a sexy girl, but cut back on the calories. Oh well....I guess I should too.... Go Jenny...

  2. DOLLARS07:38am Thursday 07th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    hubba thats a sexy curvy body. 10/10 for me.

  3. Kurt Evilbody07:32am Thursday 07th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    She's great. Funnily enough when you see her without the war paint on she's quite average, but she improves one hundred fold when made over. Of course the boobs are outstanding, no question.

  4. Shane07:27pm Wednesday 06th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse


  5. BILL04:01pm Wednesday 06th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    0.0 = (o)(o) = :)

  6. Semesa01:28pm Wednesday 06th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    she's trying to hard to busy and shes got boobs the size of jupiter!

  7. フランク12:46pm Wednesday 06th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    This girl has also never been annoying at all!!! Just make it up if you don't have the intelligence to make a good story from the truth.....An, I mean how much of a brain do you need to make a great story out of this girl's career!!??? And.....she's as hot as they come all right!!!

  8. kenny11:43am Wednesday 06th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    JLH - always been HOT in my book, she used to look like she needed a good sha-bangin' now she looks like she could give me a good sha-bangin'. I look forward to that.

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  9. Glib11:33am Wednesday 06th February 2013 ESTReport Abuse

    Another Fake Blonde Formula Female.


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